Saturday, February 5, 2011

BAAJ NAZARE FOR WEEK 07.02.11 TO 11.02.11

Last week we had told u all that above 5628 we may see upside but nifty future was not able to cross the said levels. We had seen a high of 5560.05 & that too on Friday & witnessed heavy selling... Further, we had told u all that below 5470 we may see 5400…We had seen a low of 5356.50 due to heavy selling pressure across the board.…Market declined because of expecting another rate hike from RBI due to very bad food article inflation & another bad news of sun tv, spice jet & DB Reality loan…….Nifty future had tanked down 853+ points in a single month, from a high of 6209.90 to a low of 5356.50….. We are in oversold zone, but lots of negative news flows at every higher levels makes market nervous, hence selling pressure comes & slaps market towards lower side…..

Now for coming days, if nifty future comes near 5270 then u can start buying selected scripts to get good benefit….We don’t advise to go short at this level…. For long term investors this is a chance to start buying in phased manner…cause many fundamentally strong stocks are available at an attractive price….But strictly for those who have passion & vision for long term. See in majority cases investors gains more….

From Last week’s our stock future recommendations, ICICI bank moved to 1038 from our reco price 1023,Sesagoa moved to 334 from our reco price 330 & welcorp moved to 162 from our reco 150…

From last week’s our delivery based recommendations, Vijaya bank moved to 92 from our reco price 90,Sterlite moved to 175 from our reco price 167,Chambal Ferti moved to 77 from our reco price 71, Petronet moved to 131 from our reco price 126 & Reliance ind moved to 948 from our reco price 914…..

In our view, coming days now market may give U-Turn anytime & will give solid upmove with valuebuying & short covering…So those who had passion & vision of long term investment may start buying in phased manner..

# Nifty Future : Below 5350,we may see 5324,5300,5270…. Above 5445 we may see 5513, 5549,5580.Now for upmove nifty future has to give close above 5628 & it will lead to short term trend change…. Trade On Breakout side only according to their own financial capacity & at risk.

# Hot Positional Stock Futures:
1) S Kumar (68.65): Rs. 63 stoploss…It may touch 77 to 84…
2) Chambal Ferti (75.45): Rs. 71 stoploss…It may touch 81 to 86…
3) Naga.Ferti (29.20): Rs. 27 stoploss..It may touch 32 to 36…
4) Welcorp (159.20): Rs. 152 stoploss..It may touch 170 to 180..
5) MRPL (67.95): Rs. 64 stoploss…It may touch 75 to 82..

# Hot Weekly Stock Futures:
1) Sesagoa (319.55): Rs. 308 stoploss… It may touch 334 to 347..
2) R Power (129.35): Rs. 125 stoploss.. It may touch 137 to 145…
3) Reliance (919.45): Rs. 890 stoploss….It may touch 948 to 988..
4) ONGC (1180.65): Rs. 1141 stoploss…. It may touch 1232 to 1264…
5) DLF (234.30): Rs. 214 stoploss..It may touch 247 to 264..

# Hot Delivery based Short term Investment :
1) Delta Corp (532848) (73.30): With solid upmove, it may touch 82 to 91…
2) REI Agro (532106) (25.95): Above 29, it may touch 32 to 35 in near term…
3) India Glycol (500201) (132.25): Near term it may touch 140 to 153 with upmove..
4) Balasore (513142) (23.60): Near term it may touch 27 to 32…
5) Super Spinning (521180) (13.05): Near term it may tocuh 17 to 23..
6) HOCL (500449) (34): Near term it may give solid upmove from 37 to 41..
7) SELMCL (532886) (19.20): Near term it may touch 23 to 28…
8) Astra Micro (532493) (44.70): Near term it may touch 50 to 57…
9) Edelweiss (532922) (37.20): Strong upmove from 41 to 46 in near term..
10) RBN (533143) (72.25): In short time it may touch 82 to 95..

Paras K.Ghelani(PG),
Research Analyst, Stock Market Consultant & Adviser,
Jamnagar, Gujarat.
Mobile : 090990 10827
Yahoo ID: smile_starter_for_u_1
Disclaimer: This Is For Educational Purpose & Author's Personal View. Take Invesment Decision At Your End.

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