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World's biggest democracy India's budget is going to be announced from the bags of Shri Pranav Mukherjee, finance Minister on Monday i.e.28-02-2011. Common people of India, Media, Industrialists of India & abroad, FII's, Domestic Inst.Investors, Mutual Funds, HNIs, Retail Investors,Emplyers,Employees all are looking towards Shri Pranav Mukherjee. Whole World's Big Financial Heads are keenly waiting for india’s central budget,cause U.S. and Euoripean Economies are struggling against their weak economy and industrial slowdown & trying to come out from it, Where as Emerging Markets/Economies like India, China,Brazil, Russia are doing good since last 4-5 Years……

All previous 3-4 budgets were super-duper budgets for all common people, Industrialists,Infra Policies,Economy,Development,Reforms & also for the Stock-Market. This year also, people from all over India & abroad hoping for repeatation of history. Even I also believe that Central budget would be as good as Dr. Manmohansingh's image. Since Last 2-3 months india’s,Corporate’s & Congress image was burst due to 2G Spectrum & all related scams…..So Congress might use this as a opportunity to neutrilise the negative effect…

But, Finance Min. has to take care & has to fight on many front like… High Inflation,High Food Inflation,Fiscal Deficit, Rising Crude Oil Prices, Slowing Economy Growth as well as Industrial growth, Further push to Agriculture growth so as to achieve agri sectors targets,Volatality of Foreign Stock Markets,Indian Stock Market,& its effect on indian economy/market, Higher price of Dollar & Commodities may increase import cost of India as well as slow down for exports, Tax-payer's Expactations, Liquidity Flow Control, Keeping lower Interest Rates and To Keep GDP Growth above 9( Told In Yesterday’s Economy Survey) in coming years...etc.

This time finance minister will get the full support of Prime minister who himself was a finance minister & was the promoter of the Economic Reforms. Mamta's Rail Budget was average. It seems that, this Central Budget is going to be people, Investor, Industry & Stock Market Friendly. But again FM has to take care of Tax plannings,Higher Inflation,To Continue Economic Reforms, PSU Disinvestments, To Create New Employment Opportunities, Fresh investments, Support to Indian industries for development & growth in India & abroad…..

Many Sectors are Waiting for good announcement. Many sectors are struggling against severe competition…so that sectors really needs to boost up, require some great policies decisions and some good relief in taxation front. Last few months data of Economic Growth & IIP was really bad but Global Export & Tax Collection data is coming out with mind blowing figures...Record Break tax collection which fullfills Finance Minister's last year budgetary expactations….. 
Monday’s budget will be well balanced, likely to focus more on Employment,Rural Development, Agriculture growth, Infrastructure Growth. Coming Budget can be called as " Comman-Man Budget "....

In coming budget following Sectors likely to gain/rise of  positive/good announcement done by FM. Keep a close eye on stocks belonging to these sectors which is given here also for your ready reference. Undoubtly this year budget is likely to focus more on common people,Farmers, More Economic Reforms, To Contraol Inflation, Push/Thrust to Industrial Growth…. Because of FM has to take care of Smt. Sonia Gandhi's & Congress’s image which is very very bad since last 3-4 months events…..

Here are the few hot scripts sector wise. If these sectors related news is positive then these companies will be in lime light & may create firework in coming days.

Sector :                          Scripts To Watch If Good Announcement :

Oil and Gas :
MRPL,Petronet LNG,Essar Oil,Reliance
Infrastructure :
Disinvestment :
Hind Copper
Power :
R Power, JP Power, Suzlon, NHPC, NTPC,REC,Sturdy Ind
Housing :
DLF,Unitech,HDIL,HCC,Ajmera,Sturdy Ind
Aviation :
Banking :
Indus-Ind,Vijaya Bank
Pharma :
Lupin,Anus Lab
Agriculture :
REI Agro,Karuturi Global,Usher Agro,Rungta Irrigation
Telecom :
Godrej Consumer,REI Agro,Karuturi,Kriti Neutriens
Oil Exploration :
Hind.Oil, Assam Co.,Great Offshore
Fertilizers :
Retail :
Godrej Consumer,S Kumar,Timex,REI Agro,Karuturi,Kriti
Finance :
IFCI,TFL,Ind.Lease Development,IDFC,Edelweiss
Mining & Minerals :
Hind.Copper,Kachchh Mineral,Sesagoa,Guj NRE
Metals :
Hind Copper,Sesagoa,Balasore Alloys,Welcorp,SPSL
Textile :
S Kumar,Super Spinning,SELMCL,Alok,Winsome Yarn
Chemicals :
HOCL(Hind Organic),India Glycol,Shree Rayalseema
Hotels & Tourism :
Hotel Leela
Insurance & Housing Finance :
IFCI,LIC Housing, Ind. Lease Development
Sugar :
Riga Sugar,Bajaj Hind
Engineering :
Irrigation :
Rungta Irrigation
E-Governance & IT Education :
Auto :
Tea :
Assam Co.
Media & Film:
RBN,Shri Ashtavinayak
Plastics :
Rungta Irrigation
REI Agro,Usher Agro,Karuturi,S Kumar,Super Spinning

High Risk Traders/Investors, Keep Eyes on, Sturdy Ind, Ageegold, CHD Develop, ATN Inter, Asahi Infra, Birla Erricson, Ferro alloys, Hind Motor, ITI, Kriti Ind., Calcom Vision, Noble Explos, Onward Techno,Ispat,Bellary,Austral Coke,Kriti Ind,Kriti Nuetriens,FSL,Caprihans… from respective sectors.

We may see Solid value buying if positive announcements made in any of the above mentioned sector & stocks before/after budget. So take a print out of this list & have a close eye….

Please Note that, all sectors & scripts mentioned in this article is purely our personal opinion only. Take decision of investment at your risk & at your end.

May u all get profits in all scripts u have or u r going to trade.

With Best wishes & regards,

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