Saturday, February 12, 2011

BAAJ NAZARE FOR WEEK 14.02.11 TO 18.02.11

Last week very clearly & boldly told you all that, above 5445 in nifty future we may see 5513,5549…. Just See what happened then???..... Exactly as per our predictions & expectations nifty future had hit a high of exactly of 5444.50 & reversed…. What else u all want??? … Is this a sufficient & perfect prediction….???.... Hope u all had enjoyed & get benefited from this info… Further we had told u all that below 5350 in nifty future we may see 5270…. What happened?. We had seen heavy to heavy selling below 5350 & nifty future had touched a low of 5175… & achieved our all targets well before touching a low….. What else u all readers/investors need??.
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Now for next week, on every decline till 5175 be on buyer side to get gains/profits on short time on immediate basis….Many smallcaps/midcaps having good,fundamentally strong,good promoters,results are available very cheap after this heavy correction…. Now many such scripts are in oversold zone….Take advantage of this situations… U can pick your choice of scripts at throw away prices….Keep searching or visit our website frequently to get such updates or information regarding such companies… As soon as possible we will update our website which fits such criteria…. India’s Central Budget is very near…So many scripts/sectors will get advantage by budget…..keep this in mind also…..So our personal view is to buy on every dips till nifty future trades above 5175….But take profits fast cause of heavy volatility….

From Last week’s our stock future recommendations, Welcorp moved to 174 from our reco price 159 & DLF moved to 246 from our reco price 234…. Our paid clients had to many other messages during market hours which had given huge huge profits to them….messages includes nifty future day to day guidance,intraday cash market calls, intraday stock futures,2-3 days stock futures,positional stock future calls & short term delivery calls….. Anybody interested to get our paid services then they can call us after market hours on our mobile….

# Nifty Future : Above 5445 we may see 5513,5580,5628…..Below 5175,we may see 5135, 5112,5090….Readers may please, Trade On Breakout side only according to own financial capacity & at risk.

# Hot Positional Stock Futures:
1)    DLF (244.20): Rs. 232 stoploss…It may touch 255 to 264…
2)    Welcorp (173.05): Rs. 165 stoploss…It may touch 180 to 190…
3)    ONGC (277.80): Rs. 265 stoploss..It may touch 284 to 293…
4)    Reliance (914.15): Rs. 888 stoploss..It may touch 941 to 970..
5)    Rel Infra (617.25): Rs. 580 stoploss…It may touch 648 to 680..

# Hot Weekly Stock Futures:
1)    Maruti (1182.65): Rs. 1150 stoploss… It may touch 1220 to 1265..
2)    Sesagoa (295.25): Rs. 280 stoploss.. It may touch 314 to 333…
3)    MRPL (61.95): Rs. 58 stoploss….It may touch 68 to 75..
4)    Educomp (438.15): Rs. 402 stoploss…. It may touch 460 to 482…
5)    FT (766.30): Rs. 740 stoploss..It may touch 783 to 800..

# Hot Delivery based Short term Investment :
1)    Shri Ganesh (533180) (162.70): With solid upmove, it may touch 190 to 216…
2)    Delta Corp (532848) (66.55): With solid upmove, it may touch 73 to 81…
3)    REI Agro (532106) (25.55): Above 27, it may touch 29 to 32 in near term…
4)    Vijaya Bank (532401) (80.25): Near term it may touch 86 to 92 with upmove..
5)    Praj (522205) (66.25): Near term it may touch 72 to 80…
6)    Chambal Ferti (500085) (69.90): Near term it may tocuh 77 to 84..
7)    S Kumar (514304) (62.60): Near term it may give solid upmove from 73 to 84..
8)    IDFC (532659) (135.45): Near term it may touch 142 to 149…
9)    GMR Infra (532754) (37.80): Near term it may touch 41 to 45…
10) LITL (532778) (40.25): Strong upmove from 46 to 52 in near term..

Paras K.Ghelani(PG),
Research Analyst, Stock Market Consultant & Adviser,
Jamnagar, Gujarat.
Mobile : 090990 10827
Yahoo ID: smile_starter_for_u_1
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