Thursday, January 13, 2011

Personal View at 5750 again

Personal View at 5750 again:

See on this Monday at 5750 , we had given our view & advised you all to start buying with a view of next 5 days.. Since last 2 trading sessions we had seen a huge a sharp recovery from 5700 levels….Even yesterday from a low of 5711 we had touched a intraday high of 5885.. Today morning market opened at 5869 & now corrected upto 5745 again. We had given some scripts for buy & that had given mindblowing returns… e.g. sterlite moved to 186+ from 170-173 levels…Sesagoa moved to 346 from 325 levels & RBN moved to 88 from 77 levels.. Our paid clients had taken all positions & they had got profits even in this kind of markets….They had bought Suzlon at 49 & booked at 53.. they had bought praj ind at 77-80 levels & booked today at 87+…..Those interested in our paid servies through SMS can call us on 090990 10827 after market hours for details….

We are again at same levels of 5750 & again we are advising you all investors to buy some good scripts which can give better returns in next week. But this advise is only for those who had passion & want to do investment in phased manner. Day traders can take this advise for deliverybased investment only or simply read this & forget this…This advise is not for traders. Once again we are giving some scripts here to add at current levels…but with appropriate stoploss at your end. Special advise for paid clients only…. Buy on every dips….Scripts are : Sesagoa,Sterlite,Suzlon,Rcom,Maruti,Chambal,MRPL,Reli infra,RBN,S Kumar,Hind Oil Explo. U can buy as per your wish purely.

Paras K.Ghelani(PG),
Research Analyst,Stock Market Consultant & Adviser,
090990 10827.

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