Friday, January 7, 2011

STOCK INVESTMENT IDEA A Real Dark Horse,Multibagger for 2011

STOCK INVESTMENT IDEA: A Real Dark Horse & Multibagger for 2011

Hind Copper (513599) (305): Strong Fundamental PSU………A Government of India’s Bluchip Company…….Among largest copper producer, having mines…..Having Solid & strong Fundamentals with financials… What u wants from a company having Government holds 99.59% stake in this company... This Script can touch the sky……Having Many many reasons to invest. Very very less floating stock….From total equity held by government….Only 38 Lakh shares is the floating stock held all over…..whom so ever hold. Total share holding other than government is at only 0.41%....From that 0.05 is with DII & Public shareholding is at only 0.36%.....What u r thinking of for this company now…

Just see the financials…… Mind-blowing result of Sept-10 quarter….. Company had posted a net profit of Rs. 56.21 crore against a net profit of Rs. 26.20 crore in june-10 quarter…. More than double……Company had posted a net profit of Rs. 26.20 crore in june-10 quarter against a net profit of Rs. 23 lakh only in june-09 quarter……For the whole year 2009-10 companies net profits stood at Rs. 155 crore… In 2 Quarter only of this financial year Company had posted a net profit of Rs. 82.41 crore……Still 2 healthy quarter to come with high copper price internationally…

Few days ago company had announced to sell scrap of Rs.6000 crore….What it will add into share price then???... Just imagine….

Today(07-01-2011) company had announced its expansion plans & said that next 3 years company will grow by 30% & from 4th year onward company will grow by 40%... What a promising future… Companies production is up by 14%...

OPM in Sep-10 quarter is at 27.17% a way ahead from annualized OPM of 18.19% only…. & NPM in Sep-10 quarter is at 17.24% a way ahead from annualized NPM of 11.86% only….

Further, before going to public, We assume (purely our prediction) that company might give huge huge dividend, bonus or stock split……& If any of this can happen then ???...Imagine where this stock can go?????.......We are very very much bullish on this stock for long term safe & superb investment….As it may give multi-fold returns in coming time…Real Dark Horse…..Our target for this script is very much high for long term. Take investment decision at your end.

Paras K.Ghelani(PG),
Research Analyst,Stock Market Consultant & Adviser,
090990 10827.

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